How to Properly Care Your Ring?

Tips for Premium and Ultra Premium Series

Do and Don’ts

  • Use a cotton cloth or facial tissue to remove the dirt and sweat after wearing.
  • Use a (transparent) display box or flannel dust-proof bag to store the ring.
  • Use contton cloth dipped with silver washing water If it has been oxidized and turned black, or use a soft-bristled brush with toothpaste to scrub it, and dry it with a cotton cloth after washing.
  • Don’t wear the ring during bath and sleep.
  • Don’t wear the ring while swimming, especially in the sea due to high causticity.
  • Don’t directly contact with sulfur and other chemicals when wearing it, as it is easy to cause chemical reactions to cause discoloration of the ring.
  • Don’t wear multiple mental jewelry together to avoid collision, deformation, or abrasion, and keep it in a state of zero contact with other hard objects.
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